Poster, typography and Illustration for Bec Petraitis and Martin Dunlop’s Burn The Witch.

Illustration and Logo for Matt Stewart’s comedy stand up show ‘Dry Ginger Male’.

Logo for the Internet’s favorite monkey themed podcast. Hosted by DoGoOn’s Matt Stewart.

“Every failure is a step to success”
Willam Whewall

“Quack, Quack, Quack”
A Duck

Poster and promo material for “Hero Complex”. Comedian Sammy J’s hilarious one man show.

Poster for comedy show about the joys of running.

Promotional poster for Alasdair’s surprisingly enthusiastic comedy show.

Poster for a comedy show.

Poster for a comedy show from the most successful arms in the business.

Poster for a Melbourne comedy show exploring the interconnected nature of all things.

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